Customer Network Services


  • We monitor all our services and connections and are notified within minutes of any network outage


  • All circuits are set on a threshold. If this is reached a set number of times we are alerted. This allows us to find virus and spam outbreaks and also if customers average peak bandwidth may need to be increased. These alerts can also be set for customers.


  • A live network map of real time traffic. This lets us quickly look over our network and customer accessible networks for fast sanity checks.

Network Traffic Monitoring

  • Provide a graphed log of port statistics (taken in 5 minute increments)
  • Statistics presented in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly formats for review
  • Weather Mapping available to provide a snapshot overview of network performance at any given time
  • Monitoring available on any public device or portion of your network you allow us to see (ie: community strings, etc)

Automated Alerts

  • Automated email summaries of statistics at regular intervals as desired
  • Customized threshold alarms set with email paging alert options available should you wish to be notified