Long Distance

Secure Call Accounting

  • MountaiNet will always provide you with a detailed billing statement, but for a more precise accountability for long distance charges, our secure call accounting provides you with the means to manage and control long distance charges. You can set up specific access codes by entire department, specific individuals, multiple groups or teams. Your bill can be customized any way you need for cost tracking and accountability. We can provide you the granularity you need to track or analyze your long distance charges, all clearly organized by the account listings you specify.
Competitive Rates

  • In addition to providing Internet access, we can now become your long distance company as well. Our affordable, competitive rates for both interstate and intrastate calling, coupled with our six-second billing increments insure you will not pay more for long distance service than you absolutely have to. Allow us to perform a free cost comparison analysis of your current long distance charges. Savings between 20% and 30% or more are not uncommon.
Toll Free Numbers

  • Toll free, 800-type numbers are available from MountaiNet and can be assigned to virtually any existing telephone number, allowing it to be accessed at no charge from practically anywhere in the country. This provides traveling professionals or family members with the ability to call back home or to the office hassle free. Toll free numbers can even be assigned to MountaiNet dial-up numbers so as to provide travelers with Internet access when outside our local dialing coverage areas. And the best part is you pay only when the number is used, no hidden fees, required minimum usage per call or monthly maintenance charges ever.

In addition to reliable, low-cost long distance services, MountaiNet can also provide calling cards for both personal and business use. Calling cards are convenient to use while traveling to avoid roaming charges.
Affordable, competitive and dependable long distance services, all with customized call accountability and cost tracking tailored to your exact needs combine all this with the additional features and services MountaiNet Long Distance offers why pay more for less?

Simply In-Touch

MountaiNet now offers bundled Internet access and long distance service packages to all our customers at rates lower than the two services separately. These bundled packages include:

  • Unlimited Internet Access, both Dial-Up and dedicated broadband connections
  • Packaged Long Distance Minutes
  • Toll Free Number to use as you wish
  • Personal Calling Card, no per call surcharge
  • No monthly service charge fees, no minimum usage charges associated with the Toll-free numbers and calling cards

For personal or business use, our bundled service packages can save you or your business money. There is only a single point of contact for all the bundled services together. Bundled services offer simplicity and reliability because you only have one solution, one provider, and one bill.