Connectivity Solutions

High Speed Internet

  • MountaiNet provides a variety of connectivity options, ranging from DSL all the way up to gigabit Ethernet connections.
  • Our network backbone is comprised of a 100Gb fiber ring with diverse connectivity to several tier 1 and tier 2 Internet Gateways as well as content providers. We scale our Internet Gateway connections to insure you always have adequate throughput and negligible latency. Our competitive bandwidth rates are among the lowest in our coverage area. Our main goal is to provide our customers with affordable, reliable Internet access.
  • In addition to dedicated connectivity, MountaiNet provides independent, live IP addresses to your business for use throughout your private network for servers and equipment. MountaiNet can also provide Domain Name Services (DNS) hosting to route traffic to your web applications or enable you to deploy Intranet/Extranet applications.
  • MountaiNet understands connectivity and our expertise insures you always have reliable Internet access.

Lan-Wan Connectivity

  • In order for a business to effectively utilize the power of the Internet, there first has to exist a dependable local area network interconnecting the resources on-site at your facility. While MountaiNet will always work with and support on-site networking personnel or service providers of your choosing, we can, through our affiliate partner program, provide LAN installation and support services if necessary. We have formed strategic alliances with select network service providers throughout our coverage area, chosen for their impeccable reputation and certified capabilities, to insure your business maximizes the use of our reliable Internet connections. From the smallest office to large, multi-point networks, MountaiNet can provide affordable and dependable networking services.
  • Wide Area Support – MountaiNet can provide you with a wide variety of multi-point connection options to support a private WAN or Extranet network. We can provide metro Ethernet connections as well as T-1 connections between site locations to support both voice and data traffic. MountaiNet can provide cost effective multi-point connectivity.
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is a technology that uses the Internet itself as the backbone connection between sites. Each site needs only a local connection to the Internet and VPN technology can be used to establish a secure, encrypted, point-to-point tunnel across the Internet. Virtually, it appears that all sites are directly connected together but the cost of interconnecting telco circuits to each location is eliminated.

Backbone Collocation

  • At each of our network backbone nodes, MountaiNet has affordable collocation space available for rack-mounted servers and other equipment. If you require ultra high-speed access and the ability to move massive amounts of data quickly, our co-location spaces provide local connectivity directly onto our backbone. Currently we have space available in the following areas:
    • Gate City, VA
    • Johnson City, TN
    • Kingsport, TN
  • When latency, throughput and response times are critical, our co-location solutions provide the ultimate in Internet connectivity without the added expense of maintaining high capacity telco circuits out to your physical site. You pay for only the bandwidth you need to service your own Internet access needs. The bandwidth for your web applications is provided directly from our network backbone. For mission critical, high-speed access or off-site redundancy, our secure collocation spaces are ideal solutions, eliminating the various expenses relating to on-site hosting.



  • MountaiNet can provide you with top-quality dialup Internet access at speeds up to 56k. Fast connections, consistent bandwidth/speed, and almost no busy signals or disconnects even at peak hours.